Crystal River Baptist Church - Missions Page


Worldwide missions work is a main emphasis at our church. To have individuals and families that love the Lord, soul winning, and helping others is vital for a soft heart and excited church.

If you have any questions concerning contacting our missionaries or our missions program, please contact us via our Missions e-mail box.

The Tossel Family to Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Mark's e-mail box

Christinas e-mail box

Web site for their outreach.

Mark Holmes Family to Abujah Nigeria, AFRICA

The Benefield Family to Cambodia, SOUTHEAST ASIA

Benefield's e-mail box

Web site for their outreach.

The Sloan Family to San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MEXICO

The Huckaby Family, Missionaries to Russia

The Turner Family, missionaries to Vancouver, Canada

The Porter Family, Missionaries to South Africa

The Venegas Family, Missionaries to Mexico

Missions to Asia

The Godsoe Family, Missionaries to The Philippine Islands

The David Hermance Family, City of Refuge Girls Home

Mr. & Mrs. Daylon Hicks Family, Former Missionaries to The Haiti, Still preaching, praying and going!!!

The Layne Jones Family, Missionaries to the Philippine Islands

Bro. & Mrs. Border, Missionaries to The Jewish Peoples

Robert Tully Family, Missionaries to Macio, Brazil

Robert's e-mail box

Web site for their outreach.

Missionaries to Asia

Matthew $ Sarah Litson, Missionaries New Brunswich Canada

Ricky & Brandy Martin to the Philippines

Ricky Martin's e-mail box

Kyle & Sarah Rader, Missionaries to Lima Peru

The Pastor Reeves Family, Missionaries to the Roaring Fork Valley

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