Church Family Photographs

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"Church Addition Project"

The addition is a multipurpose room and will be used for meals, Sunday School, junior church and everything else.

Footers for the new Addition

Another angle of the footers

Robert Thompson Helping with Concrete

Footers Poured, Rebar Stuck!

Installing the pipe for the in floor heat as the concrete is poured

Stem walls are poured and set

Another view of the Dirt and walls

Ready to start laying block

Block walls are done, and the floor is poured

The Floor is Poured

Begin the Log work, with Tammy and Roger Sherman

Elijah helping set the first log

Roger measuring and cutting logs for the walls

Lagging down the logs on the wall

Attaching the logs to the cinder block wall

Putting the roof on

Wall, roof, door and windows are ready

Another angle on Saturday morning, October 23

Additional roofing insulation to be added to the job

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