Crystal River Baptist - Ministries


Reformers Unanimous International

Jared Shown is the director of this ministry.
His goal is the tremendous responsibility of helping
persons in our area get victory over addictions.

Bus Ministry

Along with the help of many dedicated workers, we travel
all over the roaring fork valley picking up adults, children
and families that need a ride to church.
Right now we are traveling from Rifle to Carbondale, picking
up precious people for the Lord.

Vacation Bible School

Every Summer we have Vacation Bible School for
our young people and those of the community. The adults
and children really enjoy the singing, prizes, memory verses,
games and carnival are all very important. We are already
are gearing up for our Bible School this August 4 through
August 8, 2008.

Jail Ministry

Every Sunday Night we preach to those
held captive by their sin and adverse lifestyle. Only to find
liberty and freedom from the preaching of the Word of God!
The command of Christ to visit those who are in prison Matthew
25:36 is being carried out from the ministry here.

Nursing Home Ministry

We pick
up many precious elderly folks from our nursing home here in town.
They are such a joy to have as an important part of our church family
and the spirit of things. There can be challenges, at times, but well
worth the efforts many here put into their lives.

Nursery Ministry

Our precious new born up to three year old is vital
to minimize disruptions during the preaching service. They get
individualized love, care and attention. There are even times
songs will be sung and lessons taught, when the noise and
distraction level is low.

Junior Church

All of our young people have the grand opportunity
to have a lesson presented on their own level. That allows them
to grow at a pace that is much more enjoyable and applicable to
the needs of children. There is an excitement level in that meeting
that many times will surpass the excitement of the adults.

Camp Ministry

Teen camp and Junior camp are again a part of our
schedule this year as well as last year. The woods of Hesperus, Colorado
for our teens (June 23-27, 2008), and Camp Whosoever in New Mexico
(July 7-11, 2008) for our juniors. What a great time of making decisions
and learning coping skills for life!

Sunday School Ministry

Adults and children (teens too) have a place they will
learn the Bible each Sunday. The interaction and growth spiritually are
a vital part of each persons balance for life!

Youth Conference

We attend two Youth Conferences each year. One of these is
in February, and the other is at First Baptist Church, July 16-18, 2008.
Life changing sermons are always preached, and the fellowship during
the trip is irreplaceable!

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